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GALA Haiti Relief Information This Wiki has been set up by GALA (The Globalization and Localization Association)to provide a centralized location for all members of the translation and interpretation industry to share information, projects, requests and resources regarding relief, rescue and rebuilding efforts in Haiti.


Please feel free to post any information regarding the projects, efforts or offer of help that you or your firm can offer. This site is NOT moderated - so please post only relevant information regarding this emergency and the efforts the translation community is undertaking to assist.


Please update this page as needed - it is available for updating by anyone who is logged in. Accounts are free and take only a moment to create.


Projects or Initiatives

Working on a project or Initiative? Add it here. Please be sure to include relevant information such as a project description, contact person and links to more information if available.

Please use the following format - you can copy & paste it when editing to create your listing. 

  • Project Name/Title
    • Description of what is required
    • Contact: John Smith, 000-555-1212, jsmith@domain.com
    • More Information  


  • Haitian Creole and French interpreter and translator

American Red Cross, Natl Headquarters in DC, 1 - 3 week volunteer assignment

Contact: christina@najit.org or phone 202-293-0342



  • The Coalition for Haiti Relief Volunteers Needed

American Red Cross, 30 volunteers needed in Haiti for 30 days

Contact: HaitiRelief.NY@gmail.com


  • Public release of Haitian Creole language data

The Language Technologies Institute (LTI) of Carnegie Mellon University's School of Computer Science (CMU SCS) is making publicly available the Haitian Creole spoken and text data that we have collected or produced.



  • Free Phone Interpreting Services for Haiti Relief

Seprotec offers free phone interpreting services for all victims of Haiti.

Phone lines are open, Dial 0034 961 040 334

For free access dial usercode 999 password 999; more info on www.teletraductores.com 


  • CrisisCommon.org Launguage & Translation Projects

Application of language and technology for use by relief workers and for longer-term aid and rebuilding

Projects inclued "Tradui" smart phone apps for Eng<>Creole and aggregation of technologies and services for Creole translation

"Crises Camps" in 12 cities in 4 countries (and growing)


More information:

CrisesCommons Language & Translation project and wiki (help is needed with a Creole MT engine, Creole emergency phrase (XML) dictionary and listing of availale Creole language services)


Tradui wiki (Tradui help is needed to develop a Windows Mobile version, search for an Android version, Eng<>Creole dictionary/glossary terms and with Creole native-speakers to approve terms)


Assistance Requests

Looking for specific assistance? Include your request here. 

Please use the following format - you can copy & paste it when editing to create your listing. 


  • Request Name/Title

    Description of what is required

    Contact: John Smith, 000-555-1212, jsmith@domain.com

    More Information  


  • Zafen: Fonkoze Microfinance Partner seeking Translators (EN>FR and EN>ES) 


  • Support for Human Rights Recommendations to Donor Countries, February 24, 2010
    • Immediate need to translate short letter from English to Kreyol requesting NGO support for the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti
    • Contact blaine@ijdh.org if you can help


  • Pennsylvania: Pitt seeks translators for Haitian orphans

Volunteers fluent in French and/or Haitian Creole are needed. 

Contact: Monika Losagio via email (losagio@pitt.edu) with name, phone number, and email address 


  • Japan Red Cross

    Looking for one Haitian Creole > English interpreter to accompany Japan Director, and who is already in Haiti or has lodging in Haiti and wants to assist on a voluntary basis under their supervision. Please email info@imiaweb.org if interested.



  • UN Guiding Principles for Internally Displaced Persons
  • Immediate need to translate short and long versions of UN doc into Creole for Center for Constitutional Rights
  • Contact rpetras@gala-global.org if you can help


Offers of Assistance

Have a skill or other resource you're willing to contribute? Include it here. 

Please use the following format - you can copy & paste it when editing to create your listing. 


  • Basic Description of Skill/Resource you have to offer

    Detailed Description of skill/resource

    Contact: John Smith, 000-555-1212, jsmith@domain.com



  • Translations from English to Portuguese and back

Ccaps is offering pro-bono translations for those volunteers, soldiers and police officers who will be joining the already established Brazilian-led UN peacekeeping force in Haiti and who need translations from English to Portuguese and vice versa. 

Contact: Fabiano Cid, +55 (21) 2507-5989, fcid@ccaps.net


  • Project management support

Rubric can offer an experienced project manager to assist with Haitian translation projects.

Contact: Ian Henderson, Tel: +44 (0)7713 742522, ian.henderson@rubric.com


  • SEPROTEC offers free phone interpreting services

http://teletraductores.com/; http://www.seprotec.com/

Please DIAL: 0034 961 040 334; usercode= 999, password= 999


  • Pacific Interpreters offering free Haitian/English interpreting services to aid organizations involved in the Haiti relief efforts. Contact Sheila Turcotte, Director of Operations, with the contact information for the organization in need.  +1 (800) 311-1232;  Sheila.Turcotte@pacificinterpreters.com


  • Cantalk Canada - Free Interpretation/Translation Services

          Cantalk is offering free oral and written translation/interpretation services to Haiti relief efforts.

          Contact: 1-866-528-0331, email: HelpingToRebuild@cantalk.com

          Open Letter: http://www.cantalk.com/pdfs/haiti_letter.pdf

Resource Websites

Know of a website or page that provides useful information? Include it here.

Please use the following format.  


  • Description of site or page 



  • Haitian Creole Medical Phrase Pronunciation Guide (Free Downloads of 50+ Emergency Medical Phrase MP3s in both English and Haitian Creole)


  • Interpreters and Translators for Haiti: 


  • Together We Can Find 100,000 Translators and Interpreters (for Haiti):


  • Translators without Borders:


  • The Rosetta Foundation:


  • The National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators:


  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation:


  • Information on Tradui, free phone app for Creole>Eng; Eng>Creole:

http://wiki.crisiscommons.org/wiki/Tradui and http://traduiapp.com.

  • Carnegie Mellon Creole Language Data:


  • Traduction Haiti:


  • Phone Interpreting Services:


  • Translation tools and resource wiki, available in French, Spanish and English:


  • Crisis Commons Creole Language Resource:


  • Haitian Creole Support in Bing Translator:


  • International Medical Interpreters Association


Working to bring bamboo blankets to Haitians

  • WeBiText: Multilingual concordancer prepopulated with large amounts of relevant content. Includes 2MB of Newswire text in English-Creole (released by CMU)




  • One Hour Translation invites all organizations aiding in Haiti and all victims of the disaster to translate up to 250 words (around 1 page) for free and above 250 words we will only charge cost price.



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